As musicians, we know how expensive it can be to upload  distribute your music on the Internet. That’s one reason we created a site where even broke musicians with a real drive to get their music heard can quickly create an account, upload their music and have it heard around the world…all for free.  Then when your music starts selling, we created a transparent reporting system that allows you to track every dollar earned in any country. Besides knowing you are being treated fairly and honestly our analytics and reporting will help you plan tours and invest in promotion where your fans are located.  No more showing up to empty venues.

Get a Free Account

Hit the button on the home page. It will take you to our sign up page. Click on the button on the bottom right hand corner. You will get an email with a link to click to activate your account, so be sure and use your best email address.

Upload Your Music

Upload your audio track(s). Spend some time creating memorable cover art for your music, something that is eye catching and tells part of the story. It is important that you complete all of the information fields accurately and completely. This is what the big platforms (stores) use to categorize your music.

Publish Your Song(s)

Send off your newly created masterpiece and wait for it to appear in the dozens of big platforms around the world.

See All StoresSee All Stores

Market Yourself

Once your music has been distributed around the world, it is time to focus on marketing. Let all of your fans know on social media that your music is available to buy or stream. Ask them to tell friends. Alert local media and submit to playlists.

Monitor Your Sales

Your worldwide sales are completely transparent and reported directly to your account where you request payment to be deposited straight into your account.

Collect Your Royalties

You can request a payout to your account anytime, 24/7. After all of your hard work, it’s time to kick back and enjoy life.  Remember to thank the people who helped you get to this moment. Then, write more new music. The larger your catalog, the larger your income.



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